Get to know Kunekune pigs ~ FAQs


Kunekune means Fat & Round

Heritage Breed

Heritage breeds are traditional livestock breeds that were raised by our forefathers.  Farmers learned to keep and breed only the animals that thrived and provided a good return for the farmer's investment of feed, shelter and labor. These farming systems produced breeds of animals that are still productive today adapted to local conditions  a key feature to heritage breeds. ~ Livestock Conservancy

Small breed ~ Trusty & Docile

  • Origin New Zealand 1700's
  • Heritage breed 
  • Life span 10-15 years
  • 5-10 piglets per litter.
  • Lard pig
  • A hairy round build. 
  • With wattles (also called piri piri). 
  • Colors range from ginger to black and white, cream, brown and tri-colored. 
  • Short upturned snout less prone to rooting.
  • Kunekune are one of the smallest of the domesticated pig species.
  • Averaging 200-400 lbs. 
  • Maturing at a slower rate into their 3rd or 4th year.

Intelligent & Affectionate

Kunekune pigs have a docile and friendly sociable nature and a tendency not to roam. The pigs at East 80 Farm love their human contact and a good scratch!

A True Grazing Pig

  • A true grazing pig. No other breed grazes leaving pastures undisturbed with little to no rooting.
  • Kunes thrive on a natural habitat of pasture and woodland. 
  • Easily acclimated to any region or climate
  • Garden produce and windfall fruit are a favorite for Kunes.
  • A breed perfect for small farms, urban & city farms, homesteaders, pastured pork production, charcutiers, & home butchery.

Kunekune Growth Chart

Kunekune weight chart by the American Kunekune Pig Registry


This chart demonstrates target weights for maximum production.

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